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ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®  for all our PeractoPad and PeractoJet Products

Farbenpunkt is proud to announce that the Eco Passport by OEKO-TEX® has been renewed for all PeractoPad and PeractoJet products.

Our dyes and inks can be used for the production of human-ecological optimized textiles and it has been proven that there is no harmful effect on the human and environmental health emanating from the textiles treated with our products. 

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From our test center in Morbach/Germany:

Impressions on printing with PeractoJet inks, with inline fixation, without pretreatment.

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RICOH collaborates with FARBENPUNKT to reduce CO2 emissions with waterless and chemical-free solution for textile ink

Ricoh is opening market access to American ink pioneer Farbenpunkt’s innovative new textile ink, PeractoJet. The collaboration enables OEM clients to compete in the highly attractive digital textile market and enhance their environmental offering. Reducing the environmental impact of global textile production caused by using dye-based, such as reactive inks in digital and analogue processes, is the driver for this collaboration.

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